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F.18 2 Group Volumetric $15,435
F.18 3 Group Volumetric $17,100
  • Individual Group Temperature Controlled for Flavor Refinement
  • High Restriction Pre-Infusion.
  • Touch Screen for fast and responsive programming 
  • Digital Displays at each group for reading shot times and brewing temperatures.
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The F.18 by Sanremo Coffee Machines: A Remarkable Commercial Espresso Machine. Experience the perfect blend of thermal stability and affordability with the F.18 by Sanremo Coffee Machines. Engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, this machine offers a range of exceptional features that set it apart from the competition. 

One of the standout features of the F.18 is its individual group temperature settings, allowing you to achieve optimal brewing conditions for each group. Additionally, the F.18 offers a low-pressure pre-infusion system that provides you restriction for up to 25 seconds before full brew pressure is applied. This level of customization ensures a consistently exceptional cup of espresso. 

Equipped with pressure transducers, the F.18 displays real-time pressure settings, allowing you to monitor and adjust with ease. The use of electronic components reduces wear and tear, resulting in lower maintenance requirements compared to traditional machines with more moving parts. While no espresso machine is completely immune to issues, the F.18's streamlined design minimizes the need for frequent part replacements.

The F.18's heating elements are electronically controlled, including the steam boiler, brew boilers, and group head. Temperature sensors and a dedicated board with triacs and solid-state relays ensure precise and responsive temperature stability. This proactive approach to temperature management guarantees consistently exceptional brews.

Not only does the F.18 excel in performance, but it also boasts an eye-catching exterior design. Its sleek and modern style adds a touch of sophistication to any coffee shop or establishment.

Discover the full range of features by visiting our "Features" tab. For high-volume environments, consider pairing the F.18 with the Mythos Clima Pro Grinder or the Mythos Basic with a Puqpress tamper.

If you need personal assistance or have any questions, our dedicated team is here to help. Contact us at (509) 558-8081 and take your espresso game to new heights with the extraordinary F.18 by Sanremo Coffee Machines.


The Basics

Group Height Traditional Height - All Models
Color Options Black/Matte Black, White/Black, Blue/Matte Black
Dosing Operation Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Standard Wand| Turn Knob 
Receptacle Nema 6-50R



  • Barista Lighting: Creates a captivating ambiance. The focused illumination allows baristas to observe the brewing process, ensuring consistent and perfect espresso every time. If you enjoy sharing your beverage artisty on social media, barista lighting can also enhance your photography.
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands: Available on many machines higher end machines, but an important mention for this safety feature.
  • High Restricted Pre-Infusion: This is not the traditional time on-time off pre-infustion but rather retriction of flow. Sanremo uses a standard .3mm jet/orifice to ontrol the pressure to your grounds bed. You control the time of up to 25 seconds for bloom. 
  • Hot Water Wand: F.18 includes an economizer valve which allows you to adjust the temperature for keeping your barista saffe or to produce a speific type of beverage such as green tea or Americano. Adjusting the amount dispensed is also adjustable,
  • Temperature Controlled Hot Water Wand: When your barista can deliver a tea or Americano at a comfortable temperature without scalding anyone, this will turn out to be one of your favorite F.18 features.
  • Individual Group Displays:
  • 1/2 Turn Steam Knob
  • Touch Screen Interface:  Displays boiler water level, boiler temperaturesteam boiler pressure, alarms, and cup warmer activation.







Sanremo F.18 Brochure

Sanremo F.18 Installation 2 Group Sheet

Sanremo F.18 Installation 3 Group Sheet

Groups Width Depth Height Weight


Volts Steam Boiler Vol. Brew Boilers
2 Group 35.5" 25.5" 20.1" 214lb 6320W 220-240V 8.6L 1L x2
3 Group 42.2" 25.5" 20.1" 265lb 7200W 380-415V 10L 1.5 x3

* Brew Group Element 500w

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