The Espresso Service Network (ESN) emerged from a fundamental desire: to elevate the standard of commercial espresso service. For anyone entrenched in the world of espresso, it's no secret that there are areas in need of change or enhancement. Regrettably, espresso service technicians operate within a landscape where formal education is both costly and difficult to access. It is hardly surprising that many of the brightest talents within the field eventually depart for other industries.

Our platform endeavors to address this disparity. On our website, we not only champion and distribute top-tier commercial espresso equipment but with a crucial twist. A significant portion of the profits generated from your equipment purchase is reinvested back into your local community, specifically designated for use by your chosen service provider. By opting to invest in your community, you empower your local service company to deliver unparalleled service standards. Whether it's installation, preventative maintenance, or repairs, your chosen service provider is now equipped with the resources to elevate their offerings. This could mean bolstering their inventory with original manufacturer parts or providing advanced training to their technicians, thereby enhancing the quality and efficiency of their services. Investing in our nation's commercial espresso service providers translates to improved service delivery, characterized by swifter response times and more precise diagnostics—essential components for thriving espresso businesses.

ESN stands as a pioneering force—a progressive community uniting espresso service providers and consumers alike, granting them a collective voice in shaping the standards for espresso installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Thank you for exploring the Espresso Service Network. We aspire to foster an ongoing dialogue within the espresso community, facilitating continual improvement and relevance in the espresso service industry.


Ruth Easley
ESN Founder