Unbeatable Warranty 

Our adjustable warranty program can save you hundreds on the cost of your new espresso machine. Contact us to find out how much you can save.

Step 1:
Select a Model
Basic $2,925
Plus (Built in Tamper) $3,750
Clima Pro (Low RPM / Temp. Control) $3,825
  • MIcrometric grind adjustment. At any point, grind to the smallest of adjustments. 
  • Clump Crusher technology insures evenly distributed coffee
  • Multi Function LCD Display offers dose adjustment, barista modes and the ability to lock settings so they cannot be changed.
  • Mythos is able to hold the Port-a-filter, freeing the barista hands to perform other tasks while grinding.
Step 2:
Select Your Options


Mythos grinders by Nuova Simonelli offer the barista superior functionality and long lasting durability. Basic features on all Mythos grinders are long life 75mm grinding burrs, micrometric grind adjustment, multifunction LCD Display, clump free grind and hands free grinding. Choose the Mythos Plus grinder for its built in tamper. Enjoy optimal pressure and consistent espresso in every shot. You may also want to consider the low profile Clima Pro which offers a heating/cooling system. By stabilizing your beans' environment the Clima Pro will always grind more consistently. The Clima Pro eliminates the need for continuous grind adjustments saving you money in wasted product.


Models Basic, Veloce (Plus), Clima Pro and Mythos II
Adjustment  Dynamometric
Burrs 75mm Titanium (Plus and Clima Pro) 75mm Steel (Basic)
Colors Blue, Red, White, Custom
Dosing Operation On-Demand
Tamper Plus Model Only
Low Profile  Clima Pro Only
Temperature  Clima Pro Only


Models Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts
Basic 8" 20" 25" 53 lb 800W 110V
Veloce (Plus) 8" 20" 25" 53 lb 800W 110V
Clima Pro 8" 16" 20" 53 lb 800W 110V