Kryo Evo

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Kryo Evo ST (Manual Shut Off) $1,445
Kryo Evo AT (Automatic Shut Off) $1,530
Kryo Evo OD $1,870
  • Perfect for medium volume 
  • OD (on-demand) measures dosing for consistent beverage taste
  • Micrometric adjustment for fine tuning your end result
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Rancilio Kryo is a basic espresso grinder for small to medium volume businesses. Recommended for drive-thru espresso stands because of the thermosteel grinding burrs that offer high output.  The Kryo features die cast aluminum fins to disperse heat from the grind chamber reducing the common problem of overheating and damaging the grind. The Kryo motor is lowered away from the grind chamber to Keep any heat as far away from your coffee as possible. We recommend Kryo on-demand model which provides business owners product consistency for demanding customers while simplifying the process of making beverages easier for baristas. 

The Basics

Models Automatic (A) Semi-Automatic (ST) On-Demand (OD)
Adjustment  Micrometric 
Burrs ThermoSteel 65mm
Colors Anthracite Grey
Dosing Operation On-Demand or Dosing Chamber
Tamper None
Low Profile  No 



3 Programmable Buttons:  These buttons are programmed by a time up to thirty (30) seconds in 1/10 sec encrements (OD model only)

65 mm Thermosteel Burrs: Longer lasting burrs and are cut for high output. If you are experiencing a high volume of traffic consistently consider a grinder with larger burrs such as the Nuova Simonelli MDJ or Mythos.   


Anti-Rotation Lock: Prevents unwanted movement of your grind adjustment caused by the natural grinding  and friction process or the accidental bumping of a team member.  


Hands Free Operation: This feature allows you to engage your port-a-filter and let go. If your working environment is fast-paced everyone will appreciate not having to mind the grinder when they could be doing something else. 

Micrometric Grinding Adjustment: Many grinders have a stepped grind adjustment process which often is too large of a change in your grind.  The micrometric feature allows you to fine tune your grind so you have more control over the brewing process and the taste and consistency of your coffe. . The anti-rotation prevents unwanted changes which are typically caused by movement or accidental bumping by a staff member.







Model Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts
Kryo  8" 17" 21" 60 lb 800W 110V





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