Prontobar Touch

Prontobar Touch 2-Step $13,000
Prontobar Touch 1-Step $14,000
Prontobar Touch 2-Step with Milk Cooler $14,050
Prontobar Touch 1-Step with Milk Cooler $15,050



The Prontobar Touch is the super-automatic machine for those looking for the newest in espresso technology. Delivering high quality beverages at the simple press of a button make this machine ideal for coffee shops and restaurants alike.

Suitable for: Demand Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Medium-Size Offices & Locations


Group Height Adjustable Brew Group Height
Dosing Operation Automatic 1-Step or 2-Step
Steam Wand Standard Wand | Button Actuation
Receptacle NEMA 6-20 (Machine)
NEMA 5-15 (Milk Cooler)


Model Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts
Protobar America 13" 21" 25" - 2800W 208-240V
Milk Cooler 9" 14" 13" 20lb 60W 110-125V



  • Comes standard with a digital touch display for quick drink selection and easy programming.
  • Prontobar Touch is perfect for those looking to save space without compromizing qality.
  • Includes an automatic washing program to help you save time and help maintain the longevity of your machine.
  • The Prontobar Touch's programmable on/off feature ensures you save energy and have your machine ready when you want it to be.


Prontobar Touch Brochure
Prontobar Touch Manual
Prontobar Touch Spec Sheet
Milk Cooler Spec Sheet