Appia Life (V)

Ensure Longevity 

With your purchase you will receive a complimentary preventative maintenance. This is just one way we can help preserve the operating life of your equipment.

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1 Group Volumetric (V) 110v $4,950
2 Group Volumetric (V) $8,505
3 Group Volumetric (V) $10,575


  • Soft Infusion system prevents channeling and the loss of coffee flavor caused by minor tamping issues
  • Programmable Wand for Hot Water Volume (VD)
  • Optional TFT Digital Display providing shot timers, easier programming and more.
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If you're looking for an economical espresso machine, the Nuova Simonelli's Appia Life is a top-notch choice, especially for an established coffee business or restaurant. This proven espresso machine offers a perfect blend of functionality and style.

The Appia Life is designed for ease of operation, featuring a contemporary look with a brushed plastic and stainless steel exterior. Not only does it add a touch of modernity to your space, but it also ensures durability and longevity. Moreover, its ergonomic design prioritizes the comfort and safety of baristas, making their work experience more enjoyable.

One of the standout features of the Appia Life is its high-quality group heads, engineered specifically by Nuova Simonelli. This ensures optimal performance and consistency in every cup of espresso brewed.

The machine's soft infusion chamber guarantees a smooth extraction process, resulting in a rich and flavorful espresso. Additionally, the optional digital display provides added convenience and precision for setting up the machine according to your preferences.

For even greater flexibility, consider the volumetric model, which allows you to program each drink button for measured dosing. This feature empowers baristas to focus more on their customers, ensuring the best possible service.

If space is a concern, the Appia Life is also available in a compact version, making it suitable for establishments with limited space.

However, if your business is on the path to rapid growth, you might want to consider the Aurelia Wave or Aurelia Wave Digit models. These machines offer better temperature stability and come equipped with advanced barista tools, streamlining the brewing process and allowing for consistent quality even during peak hours.

In conclusion, the Nuova Simonelli's Appia Life is an excellent economical choice for espresso enthusiasts. With its user-friendly features, contemporary design, and renowned performance, it's a valuable addition to any coffee business or restaurant looking to elevate their espresso experience. For those with larger growth aspirations, the Aurelia Wave or Aurelia Wave Digit models provide the perfect upgrade, for better temperature stability during high traffic times and barista tools to help simplify the brewing process.



Basic Information

Group Height Traditional and Tall
Color Options Black, Red and White
Models Appia Life, Appia Life Compact 
Dosing Operation Semi-Automatic, Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Standard, Autosteam (Straight or Gooseneck) | Push/Pull Lever Actuation
Recepticle 1G Nema 5-15 | 2G Nema 6-20 | 3G Nema L6-30 Twist




  • Barista Lighting:  A lighted deck for a clear and very important view of product quality. A great feature for darker atmospheres and it also creates a nice ambience. (Available on the TFT only.
  • TFT Digital Display: Offers ease in programming, daily cleaning includes shot timers,  and other functions.
  • Hot Water Wand:  Program your hot water faucet for a preferred dispensing time. Your wand Will automatically and conveniently shut off at the defined time and preferred dosed amount.  Your machine pressure can effect the amount of water dispensed.
  • Locking Steam Lever: The lever and locking steam wand is a favorite for most baristas.  Locking the lever in place not only offers baristas physical relief but frees them to utilize both hands for steaming  to build textures in dairy and non-daity offerings.. 


  • Soft infusion system (SIS): Provides you peace of mind over quality and product consistency, no matter who operates your machine. Soft Infusion System addresses a common concern for espresso businesses. Water hitting coffee grounds at full pressure can act like a drill creating  holes through the coffee bed. These channels will create an uneven coffee saturation which will effect your brewing time and the taste of your coffee. The purpose of the SIS is to postpone water at high pressure from initially being introduced to the coffee grounds. The Soft Infusion Systiem is made up of a chamber inside the Appia Life's brew group which is placed before the shower screen. When you begin to brew, the water enters the chamber first, which dramatically reduces the force of the water down to just a gentle wetting on the the gounds bed. This wetting prepares the grounds before normal brewing pressure. Only once the chamber fills,  will the machine operate at full pressure.(appoximately 9 Bar).  By slowly introducing water to the coffee bed, this also allows the water to evenly saturate your coffee, correcting any fissures or air pockets caused by uneven tamping.


  • Tilted Portafilters: A feature you will find on many quality espresso machines. Ergonomically designed to prevent strained angles or harmful repetitive motion for baristas. A secondary benefit is that the portafilter will sit on the counter holding the basket level. A great feature if you like to tamp on the counter. 


  • 5 key drink selection: On volumetric Dosing machines only, the 5 key has four programmable buttons per group for barista convenience and for preferred drink volumes.  You can choose to program traditionally, which would be a single and double ristretto, and a single and double long or create your own preferred selections.. The center (Stop) is your manual button. This button can be used to stop a pour, rinse your group after brewing or to brew beverages manually. 



  • Cup Warmer: Your boiler is insulated but it will heat your ceramic cups when placed above your Appia Life. If you find that they are not warm enough, this optional cup warmer will be your answer. 


  • Cold Mix Valve Upgrade: For those who wish to set the temperature of their hot water wand. This is an upgrade that can be accomplished before your Appia Life ships or instaled. Contact us for pricing. 


  • Goose Neck Cool Touch steam wand is a manual wand which comes standard on all Appia Life espresso machines. The design is favorable because it makes different angles available to your barista to achieve better and easier frothing.


  • Auto-Steam wand is designed straight, economically priced and heats to the temperature you program. The Automatic Steam wand is a good choice if you plan to work with larger steam pitchers. 


  • Goose Neck Automatic Steam Wand is shaped like the manual Cool Touch steam wand making this automatic wand easier to maneuver when creating foam. Program your temperature and your Goose Neck will automatically shut off when reached.


  • Easy Cream is an automatic steam wand that allows you to program for both foam texture as well as desired temperature. The Easy Cream does all the work for you. This all-in-one steam wand is a good choice for those wishing to simplify the drink preparation process freeing hands for other activities. Currently available only on the Appia Life XT TFT model.




Group Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Boiler Vol.
1 Group 16" 21" 22" 130lb 1500W 110-125V 5 Liters
2 Group C 22" 22" 20" 145lb 1500-3000W 110-240V 5 Liters
2 Group 31" 22" 20" 160lb 3400W 208-240V 11L
3 Group 40" 22" 20" 195lb 5000W 208-240V 15L


Warranty Info

Nuova Simonelli espresso machines come standard with a 2 year manufacturer warranty (Part and Material). Extended warranties on  labor, travel, preventative maintenance and part service will vary.

Water Info

The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommend to always add a water filter to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends on your water and quantity of drinks being made. 

Complimentary Preventative Maintenance

Most of our Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino espresso machines include a complimentary preventative maintenance. We perform this comprehensive maintenance right before your labor and travel warranty expire. It is a great opportunity to return your equipment back to like working new condition. It also provides us with an important opportunity to explore the interior of your equipment to determine if there may be a defect or possible component failure that has gone undetected. If anything is found, those things can be repaired complimentary while your machine is still under warranty.


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