Provider Sales Program

Bringing Equipment Owners and Service Providers Together.
Creating Partnerships that Lead to Success!

Further inquiries and personal assistance please contact or call us at 509.558.8081.

  • The Espresso Service Network Provider Sales Program offers consumers, like yourself, an easy and convenient way to purchase commercial espresso equipment from their preferred local espresso service company. Each espresso service company is unique and manages their daily operations differently. Who provides your maintenance and equipment services can have a tremendous impact on the success of your business. When you purchase your commercial espresso equipment from the Espresso Service Network website, ( you choose which local service company you would like your purchase credited to. Your selected service provider receives the profit from your purchase to provide you the equipment services that come with your purchase such as but not limited to installation, water treatment consultation and warranty repair. Your purchase also assists your service company in preparing for the services your equipment will need in the future by helping them maintain an adequate parts replacement inventory and by providing their service technicians with continuing education.
  • The Espresso Service Network Provider Sales Program was developed to help encourage and make it easier for you to purchase your commercial espresso equipment from your local espresso service provider.

    Most service companies are dedicated solely to responsive repair work which has resulted in much of the commercial equipment sales being handled by other types of espresso related retailers whose focuses are not mainly on service. The consequences of equipment purchased through companies who are not personally vested in local and/or after-sales maintenance and repair services has resulted in consumer dissatisfaction ranging from the size and style of equipment selected, to the quality of service and repair work received. The Provider Sales Program was developed to combat consumer concerns and to help improve the commercial espresso service industry. The Espresso Service Network delivers you an on-line market place where you can shop and receive accurate information as well as professional consultation from experienced field espresso service technicians, not salespersons. Your purchase will then enable service companies to complete advanced technical training which helps lower diagnostic and repair times. Furthermore, the Provides Sales Program helps keep service rates down, provides job opportunities and allows service companies to remain focused on quality service.

    The Sales program was created as one of many tools to help improve commercial espresso service. If you have questions about the ESN Service Provide Sales Program or how the ESN is working to strengthen the commercial espresso service industry, please contact us at 509-558-8081

  • Not all service companies need help selling equipment, however the Espresso Service Network is here to support those that do. We sell equipment on behalf of service companies to help alleviate the time and expense that it takes to promote equipment and maintain a shopping website. Service work is demanding and requires a high level of commitment. Selling equipment on behalf of service providers, supports their commitment and enables them to focus on developing resources that improve service and repair work for you and your business.
  • Above all, the responsibility of your service provider is to support you and your business throughout the life of your equipment. In the beginning, your selected service company will perform the services detailed in your ESN equipment purchase which may include, but are not limited to, coordinating the shipping of your equipment, consultation for site preparation, installation, water treatment support, and warranty repair services; however, their responsibility does not end there. Your service provider will also oversee daily practices to provide you responsive, quality repair and preventative maintenance work which should include holding sustainable parts specific to your equipment.
  • If you are experiencing trouble with your equipment, contact the local espresso service company you selected when you purchased your equipment. If you have forgotten which company you selected, you can always contact the Espresso Service Network. We are happy to help. You can reach us at 509-580-8081.
  • The responsibility of the Espresso Service Network is to ensure you receive the highest level of customer service during the selection, service and maintenance of your espresso equipment. The ESN provides essential services for you and your selected service provider such as:

    • Information and equipment consultation
    • Development of equipment service and warranty packages specifically designed for you and your business
    • A secondary service and warranty guarantee
    • Coordination of your equipment‘s timely shipping
    • Development of OEM part replacement inventory
    • Service technician training and support
  • If you choose to purchase your equipment through the Espresso Service Network, you are asked during checkout to select the local service company you would like to have install and support your equipment.
  • If you do not see your preferred local service provider on the list, please contact the Espresso Service Network at 509-558-8081 or e-mail us at to let us know. You can still complete your order without selecting a service company by checking the box at the bottom of the “Select a Service Provider” page. We will later add your preferred service provider to your order.
  • The Espresso Service Network does not make service provider recommendations. Espresso Service Companies are all different and only you will be able to determine which one will be right for you and your business. To help you make an informed decision to which service company would be best for you or your business, the Espresso Service Directory ( has enabled a review system to encourage consumers, like yourself, to share their thoughts regarding their experiences with a service company. Reviews that are noted “verified” let you know that you are reading an assessment from an industry professional or equipment owner who provided documentation to confirm that they had received actual services from the service provider.
  • If you are unhappy with your selected service provider, you are free to select another, however you must do this before your equipment has shipped. If after shipment, for any reason you become dissatisfied with the quality of service you receive from your selected service company, the Espresso Service Network will work with you and your service provider to resolve any concerns you may have.
  • When you purchase equipment from the Espresso Service Network, your service company receives all profit from your purchase excluding a commission which is paid to the ESN.
  • If your preferred service company is not an authorized service agent, your equipment’s distributor or manufacturer may ask that they meet certain requirements. To strengthen the quality of service that you will receive with your purchase, service providers or technicians are typically asked to attend basic or advanced training as well as establish an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts replacement inventory specific to your equipment model.
  • If your location is outside of your service provider’s service area, they may ask for additional fees to cover the extra expense of travel to install and service your equipment. If this is the case, you will have the option of either agreeing to the additional costs or changing to another service provider.
  • Purchasing from the Espresso Service Network offers you a secondary level of support and protection if something unforeseen should happen to your service provider’s ability to execute all of the services that came with your purchase. Purchasing from the Espresso Service Network keeps us going and working for U.S. Espresso Service Providers. The Espresso Service Network alleviates responsibilities from your Service Provider such as the expense and time it takes to maintain a shopping website, coordinating your equipment’s shipping as well as ensuring that your equipment selection includes unadvertised equipment upgrades and specials. The ESN does not require any financial support from service providers so the payment we receive from your purchase helps maintain the Espresso Service Directory, ESN Commercial Espresso Equipment shopping website and resources such as the Mediation Panel and Jobs Forum.