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Pure Coffee 2-Step (plumbed) $11,000
Pure Coffee 2-Step (self-contained) $11,000
Quick Milk 1-Step with Quick Milk Fridge (plumbed) $12,800
Quick Milk 1-Step with Quick Milk Fridge (self-contained) $12,800



The EGRO ZERO+ combines design, functionality and superior quality in the cup in one outstanding super automatic. From its matte black finish and stunning design to its simplistic functionality, the EGRO ZERO+ is a perfect fit for a variety of locations from bars and fast casual restaurants, to hotels and corporate offices.


Group Height Adjustable Brew Group Height
Dosing Operation Automatic 1-Step or 2-Step
Steam Wand Manual Steam Wand Only
Water Source Direct-Connection (plumbed) or Self-Contained (pour over)


Model Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts
Pure Coffee 13" 24" 31" 126lb 1800W 11V
Quick Milk with
Quick Milk Fridge
22" 24" 31" 190lb 1800W 110V



  • Designed specifically for bakeries, offices, self-service, home and other medium-low output locations.
  • The ZERO+ drink dispenser has an even taller pour range and can accomidate cups up to 7" tall. 
  • Optional powder hoppers may be installed on top of the machine for a further range of beverages without sacrificing counter space.