Slayer Steam X

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2 Group Volumetric (V) $14,500
3 Group Volumetric (V) $16,999



The Slayer Steam X is a visually stunning and distinctive machine that can be placed in any high capacity location. Slayer designed the Steam X with a contemporary expression and  open space that alleviates a barista’s working area of clutter and inconvenience. The Steam X emphasizes individual group displays with easy adjustment of brewing temperature, steaming flow rate and shot volume. Additional barista tools are adjustable deck, shot timer and automatic group purge. The Steam X can easily produce quality beverages rapidly and dependably but that is not all. Shockingly, the price on the Slayer X is unbelievably lower than any other machine in its class. To learn more about how the Slayer can work for your business contact the ESN today! 

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Group Height Traditional Height
Color Options Galaxy Black, Seattle Sky Blue,
Crimson Red, Bone Beige
Models Slayer Steam X, Slayer Steam EP, Slayer Steam LP
Dosing Operation Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Standard Steam Wand
Steam Actuation Lever


Groups Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Brew
2 Group 34" 27.75" 16.75" 220lb 4700W 200-400V 1.7L x2 7.4L
3 Group 43.5" 27.75" 16.75" 305lb 6300W 200-400V 1.7L x3 12L


  • Individual brew boilers with PID temperature control for consistent and reliable control. 
  • Digital display for easy programming.
  • Auto-purge system rinses the group after every pour for optimal taste and consistency. 
  • Low-profile height offers a more open and welcoming environment where baristas and customers can always communicate face to face!


Slayer Steam X Spec Sheet 2 Group

Slayer Steam X Spec Sheet 3 Group