Classe 7

Ensure Longevity 

With your purchase you will receive a complimentary preventative maintenance. This is just one way we can help preserve the operating life of your new equipment.

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2 Group Semi-Automatic (S) $7,395
3 Group Semi-Automatic (S) $9,265
2 Group Volumetric Dosing (USB) $10,115
3 Group Volumetric Dosing (USB) $12,325
  • The Classe 7 digital display simplifies the brewing process with easy programming, shot timers, automatic cleaning guide and prompts just to name a few. 
  • T-Switch: For those not ready to invest in a multi-boiler machine but control over your coffee is important to you.
  • Softener Regeneration Prompt:  if your busy running your business, your Classe 7  will remind you not  to forget about the quality of your water and the importance of protecting your machine.
  • On/Off program allows you to take control over the wear n' tear of your machine caused by heat when not in use.  
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The Classe 7 by Rancilio is a practical espresso machine with a sleek contemporary look.  As your look from the Rancilio Cllasse 5, you'll find the Classe 7 explodes with an abundance of features. The most appreciated feature is the digital display  on their volumetric dosing (USB) model and with it comes a variety of barista and equipment owner tools to help improve consistency, customer service and make maintaining your espresso machine much easier. The Classe 7 has a cleaning program for both USB and semi-automatic models. For the espresso machine owner comes an equipment diagnostic program for quicker diagnostics and an on-off program to save you money on unnecessary wear n' tear when your machine is not being used. Rancilio has also made the Classe 7 energy efficient with a mandated insulated boiler to retain heat to save you on your energy bill. If you are looking for a hands-on espresso machine and you have baristas committed to quality and speed, the Classe 7 deserves your consideration. For additional barista tools, see the Rancilio Classe 9.

Standard Accessories 

  • 2 Group - 2 double porta filters 
  • 3 Group - 3 double porta filters 

2 Manual steam wands • Hot water dispenser • Plastic coffee tamper • Rubber blind disks for cleaning • User manual • Foot extensions

The Basics

Group Height Traditional Height - All models | Tall - USB models only
Color Options Ice White | Anthracite Black | Stone Grey
Dosing Operation Semi-Automatic or USB Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Cool Touch Manual, iSteam Heating and Frothing | C-Lever Actuation
Other Options Cup Warmer



  • ​5 Key Drink Selection (Volumetric Dosing): The 5 key has four programmable buttons per group for barista convenience and preferred drink volumes.  You can choose to program traditionally, which would be a single and double ristretto, and a single and double long or decide to create your own preferred selections. The Right (Stop) is your manual button. This button can be used to stop a pour, rinse your group after brewing or to brew beverages manually. This button can also be disabled. 


  • Barista Lighting:  A lighted deck with backlighting of operation buttons. This extra feature provides baristas with a clear and very important view of product quality and creates a beautiful ambience in dimmer atmospheres​.
  • Hot water Volume Adustment: Continuous hot water buton 
  • Digital Display (USB Only): The digital display is the feature that makes everything easier for baristas and equipment owners. shot timers, promps for cleaning, maintenance and softner regineration reminder. ,
  • ​Locking Steam Handle (Clever): Move the Clever up to lock your wand open. Direct it down to pulse or purge your steam wand. Locking the lever in place not only offers baristas physical relief but frees them to utilize both hands for steaming to build textures in dairy and non-daily offerings. The ability to lock your steam wand is a favorite feature for many equipment owners and baristas.
  • On/Off Program (USB Only)  It can be argued if turning your machine off will save you money in energy costs but undoubtedly it will save you wear n' tear on your espresso machine. Program your Classe 7 espresso machine to shut off and cycle back on at specific times. For example, set your machine to turn off one hour after closing and have it turn back on  to reheat before opening. Typically, it will take about sixty minutes (60) for your groups to become hot enough to begin using. The benefit to shutting  your espresso machine off is that it expands the life of your machine's internal gaskets and o-rings which are  made of material such as rubber. Over time, the heating and reheating of your machine causes these parts to dry and crack which can cause steam and water leaks and a need for earlier maintenance.

  • Pre-Infusion (Volumetric Dosing Only): This feature comes disabled but can be enabled in advanced programming.
  • Soft Infusion System: Provides you peace of mind over quality and product consistency, no matter who operates your machine. Soft Infusion System addresses a common concern for espresso businesses. Water hitting coffee grounds at full pressure can act like a drill creating  holes through the coffee bed. These channels will create an uneven coffee saturation which will effect your brewing time and the taste of your coffee. The purpose of the soft infusion system is to postpone water at high pressure from initially being introduced to the coffee grounds. The Soft Infusion Systiem is made up of a chamber inside the brew group which is placed before the shower screen. When you begin to brew, the water enters the chamber first, which dramatically reduces the force of the water down to just a gentle wetting on the the gounds bed. This wetting prepares the grounds before normal brewing pressure. Only once the chamber fills, will the machine operate at full pressure.(appoximately 9 Bar).  By slowly introducing water to the coffee bed, this also allows the water to evenly saturate your coffee, correcting any fissures or air pockets caused by uneven tamping.
  • ​Steady Brew: A new group head design by the engineers at Rancilio.  The purpose of the Brew Steady feature is  to help stabilize  brewing  temperature beyond the traditional temperature consistency offered by a commercial espresso machine designed with heat exchanger system.. Traditionally, technicians were limited in adjusting brewing temperature. This redesign incorporates a way for the technician to eliminate or plug the feature so you can manipulate your temperatures up or down. Learn more about the new Steady Brew feature here: 


  • Tilted Portafilters:  A feature you will find on many quality espresso machines. Ergonomically designed to prevent strained angles or harmful repetitive motion for baristas. A secondary benefit is that the portafilter will sit on the counter holding the basket level. A great feature if you prefer to tamp on the counter.


  • USB (Volumetric Dosing Only): Download information from your espresso machine to a USB stick for counters, errors and values for business and technical analysis. Back up feature, saves only programming values if for some reason they were accidentally erased, electronics were replaced or for duplication on multiple machines. Also used by technicians for necessary software updates. 


4 Position T-Switch Knob:

Cup Warmer: Your boiler is insulated but it will heat your ceramic cups when placed above your Classe 7. If you find that they are not warm enough, this optional cup warmer will be your answer. 


Cool Touch Steam Wand which comes standard on all Classe 7  espresso machines.

iSteam Wand is an automatic steam wand that allows you to program for both foam texture as well as desired temperature. The iSteam does all the work for you. This all-in-one steam wand is a good choice for those wishing to simplify the drink preparation process freeing hands for other activities. Be aware that the iSteam will take longer than heating and frothing manually. Available on both semi-automatic and USB models


Classe 7 User Manual

Classe 7 Leaflet

Classe 7 S Spec Sheet

Classe 7 USB Spec Sheet 

Classe 7 USB Tall Spec Sheet


Group Depth Height Width Weight Watts Volts Boiler Vol.
2 Group USB 22" 21" 31"" 124lb 6000W 208-220V 11 Liters
3 Group 22" 21" 40" 157lb 6000W 208-220V 16 Liters


Rancilio models include a one year limited parts warranty. Your warranty will begin upon the date of installation as stated in the installation form or 90 days from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. The Rancilio Group warrants that the equipment it has manufactured will be commercially free of defects in material and workmanship  within the applicable warranty period. These warranties do not apply to any equipment that, in the Rancilio Group’s judgment, has been affected by misuse, neglect, alteration, improper installation or operation, improper maintenance or repair, damage, or casualty. For more information on your equipment warranty and a complete list of warranty exclusions, please reference the full warranty statement.

ESN Extended Warranty: Our extended warranties come complimentary with your purchase  and are provided to enhance Rancilio's product warranty. Your ESN Extended Warranty is clearly stated on your invoice and will address labor, travel, and part service . Warranties are adjustable and will vary from machine to machine. 

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