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Pure Coffee 2-Step $0
Top Milk XP 1-Step (Top Milk Fridge Included) $0
Top Milk XP 1-Step with KS9 Top Milk Fridge $0
Top Milk XP 1-Step with Beverage Air Workstation Fridge (UCR20HC) $0
Top Milk XP 1-Step with Beverage Air Workstation Fridge (WTR27AHC-SR) $0



The EGRO BYO (Bring Your Own) screen showcases Egro’s ability to forge new frontiers in espresso machine design. The BYO technology gives you the opportunity to use your own Android tablet as an external device to interact remotely with the machine through Bluetooth technology.

The BYO is a medium to high volume super automatic espresso machine with an app-controlled user interface. The innovative user interface is as simple as using your smart phone.  


Group Height Adjustable Brew Group Height
Dosing Operation Automatic 1-Step or 2-Step
Steam Wand iSteam or iSteam Plus
Receptacle NEMA L6-30R


Model Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts
All Models 12" 23" 31" 126lb 6700W 208-220V
Quick Milk
9" 18" 13.5" 30lb 86W 110V
KS9 Fridge 12" 15" 21" 64lb 200W 110-120V
Beverage Air
20" 24.5" 31.125" 119lb - 115V
Beverage Air
27" 36.5" 39.625" 172lb - 115V



  • Designed specifically for bakeries, offices, self-service, home and other medium-low output locations.
  • The ZERO+ drink dispenser has an even taller pour range and can accomidate cups up to 7" tall. 
  • Optional powder hoppers may be installed on top of the machine for a further range of beverages without sacrificing counter space.



BYO Leaflet

BYO Pure Coffee Spec Sheet

BYO Top Milk XP with KS9 Fridge Spec Sheet

BYO Top Milk XP with Bev Air Fridge Spec Sheet

BYO Top Milk XP Powder with Bev Air Fridge Spec Sheet

BYO Top Milk XP Powder with Use Your Own UTC Fridge Spec Sheet


App Control Interface

Included with the BYO is a Samsung™ tablet which makes this one of the best features of the BYO. The tablet connects to the machine via Bluetooth which allows complete compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The tablet can be moved to the most accessable and convenient places in your machine's enviorment. An excellent feature for those looking to build something such as an enclosed kiosk. Modifications, changes and updates to the BYO are as simple as updating an app.

Standard on:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk

Automatic Spout

A motorised system is added to allow the brewing spout to automatically adapts to the selected beverage as well as the cup height for quick and consistant service. This feature is exeptionally suitable for self-service enviornments and helps keep a clean and ready work surface.

Standard on:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk

Self Adjusting Grinder

Coffee storage, environment conditions, machine temperature, and many other factors contribute to the quality of coffee that is produced. The Self Adjusting Grinder works with these factors using a purposefully designed algorithm to keep brewing time constant and therefore ensure consistent brewing and quality.

Optional for:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk


A fully automatic steam wand that allows you to both heat and froth milk, using both air and steam to create a perfectly compacted foam. The two customizable buttons on the iSteam wand are: “cappuccino” heat and froth milk simultaneously, and “Latte” heat milk only. Each button has six levels allowing you to fine tune the foam’s texture. The iSteam is programmed to monitor the starting temperature/quantity of the milk, adjust air flow accordingly, and stop automatically when the desired temperature is reached, to create a consistent quality drink each time. Covered in a special heat-insulated stainless steel that is cool to touch and easy to clean.

Standard on: Pure Coffee
Optional for: Top Milk

iSteam Plus

35% faster than the iSteam. Ideal for those with high production.

Optional for: Pure Coffee

External Hot Water Outlet

A separate outlet is installed to the right of the drink spout to deliver hot water.

Optional for:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk


The BYO features a standard control system with four different temperatures and programmable dosages. The machine infuses hot and cold water to achieve the set temperature and shuts off automatically when the programmed dosage is reached. All four settings can be programmed with their own unique temperature and dosage amounts. Great for tea and other infusion drinks.

Standard on:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk


This EGRO feature can be added to the KS9 fridge or any under-the-counter fridge configuration to deliver up to 3 types of milk. Comes with two containers for milk storage (you may still use your own containers) in which the BYO is programed to extract milk from one or both containers. The two types of milk may be blended to make a third milk option. For example: non-fat and whole milk blended to create 2% milk.

Optional for: Top Milk

Cold Milk Foam

The patented Cold Milk Foam system delivers whipped milk in three different foam densities to automatically prepare creamy cold milk-based beverages. It may also be used to create low calorie desserts or be added to any variety of drinks with chocolate powder or cold syrups to give creamy texture and a distinctive flavor. Includes an instant rinsing system to help maintain freshness and flavor.

Not available with any configuration that includes multi-milk, multi-drink software or any under the counter configurations.

Optional for: Top Milk

Powder Module

The Powder Module is attached to the right side of the BYO and may be used for two different flavors. Whether it is aromatized, spiced, caramelized, chocolate, or milk powder, the Module can deliver it! An ideal feature for anyone wishing to give their customers more varied choices of beverages.

Optional for:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk

Beverage Air Workstation Fridge

A heavy-duty, thick worktop station for an under the counter fridge. This station is compact with easy mobility.
Dimensions - W 27”/ D 29”/ H 35.5”
For more details click here.

Optional for: Top Milk

Top Milk Fridge (KS9)

This innovative fridge is designed with an external display and a capacity sensor which monitors milk levels. The Top Milk Fridge has a max storage capacity of about 1.7 gallons and may operate up to two different kinds of milk. May be positionsed to the side of machine or under the counter for convenience.

Optional for: Top Milk

Locks Package

This feature is ideal and recommended when your Egro Byo needs to be left unattended or when self-service operation for customers is desired. The Locks Package secures the coffee bean hoppers, the grounds drawer, and the KS9 fridge keeping all contents safe and protected.

Optional for:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk

Under Counter Grounds Chute

A channel used to divert used coffee grounds to a waste container under the counter. This option is not available whan an under the counter fridge is installed directly under the machine

Optional for:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk

LED Lights

Multi-colored LED lights located above the brew group illuminated the delivery area indicate the current operation of machine:

  • blue - machine is ready
  • white - dispensing drinks
  • red - machine not ready
  • green - cleaning in process / ready for next command

Standard on:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk

Americano Bypass

The BYO was specifically constructed to have a seperate duct in which hot water is able to bypass the brew group and go directly to the drink spout. This process allows the perfect ballance of coffee and water to deliver authentic Americanos with a touch of a button.

Standard on:
Pure Coffee, Top Milk